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FleetManagerApi sample C# client

Adding a reference to the webservice (the GUI way, Visual Studio 2008)

Adding a reference to the webservice (the command-line way, tested on Visual Studio 2008)

To perform the same from a command line tool you'll need to use disco.exe and then wsdl.exe. Below is an XML snippet and a batch script that seems to do the job, but this method was not very exhaustively tested by us.
Save this xml into a file called wsdlparams.xml
<wsdlParameters xmlns="">

Then after adjusting the values of the variables execute the following commands from cmd.exe (or paste them into a bat file and execute the bat file):
set ServiceUrl=
set FrameworkSDKDir=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0
"%FrameworkSDKDir%\bin\disco.exe" %ServiceUrl%
"%FrameworkSDKDir%\bin\wsdl.exe" /par:wsdlparams.xml
This will generate a file called FleetManagerAPI.cs, this file contains the web-service proxy code. Add this file to your project and you can use the bluetree.fmapi namespace as if you had generated the proxy code via the GUI way.

Sample code

The app.config file for the SampleClient application contains the address of the webservice where the SampleClient connects to.

You can download the SampleClient application from here: Sample application